Are you Looking for an amazing Amazon adventure in Ecuador?

We have the rain forest adventure you are looking for!

4 days itinerary

This tour  offers a variety of dugout canoe trips, hikes in the rain forest, while you are exploring the vast area of the Cuyabeno National Park. Here you can admire unique species of birds, like Tanagers, Toucans, Hoatzins, giant butterflies like the (Morpho), Uranias, Saki and Capuchin monkeys. We spend also a whole day visiting a local indigenous community from the Siona Indians, to experience its daily life and local traditions, stopped by a visit at the local shaman (medicine man) house.
Tapir Lodge will be the base-camp for all these activities, where you will have time to relax, to recover energies, and enjoy our freshly, healthy and delicious food, prepared by our experienced chef, and served by our confident and professional staff.

5 days itinerary

In addition to the 4 days package, on the day four, in the morning you can participate in paddle boat rides, hikes in the rain forest, swimming in the lakes, sport fishing, early birdwatching. In the afternoon, after lunch, we will navigate back to Laguna Grande, where in a lovely and beautyfull athmosphere, you will have the opportunty to enjoy the last sunset view, so as to spot during the night for caimans, and tree boa snakes. 

7 days itinerary 

With this unique tour, you will learn more about the rain forest. While we travel deeper into the pristine forest, we have the opportunity to explore many other enviroments and ecosystems. There we can see other species of monkeys, like the howler, whooly, capuchin, and birds like scarlet macaws,ringed Kinfisher, Herons, and the famous endemic bird of the Amazonia, the Hoatzin, which can be spotet easily  in this area. The difference of this tour, is that you will spend 2 days camping nearby the Cuyabeno river, watching the stars, exploring the forest with diurnal and nocturnal excursions, spotting night monkeys, Nightjars, and many other night wanderers. A big experience is also to sleep in tents, where you will pick up the  fascinating changing forests sounds from dusk to dawn.

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